Northampton Security Fencing reliable and professional security fencing suppliers and contractors specializing in numerous fencing systems including welded mesh panel fencing, steel palisade fencing, bow top fencing, vertical bar railings and traditional wooden close board fencing. Applications include commercial units, industrial estates, schools, retail parks, local authority and playgrounds.


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Feather edge with concrete posts Traditional close board fencing shown here with wooden capping and wooden gravel boards supported with recessed concrete posts and wooden centre support. Close board  fencing ranges in height from 0.9m - 3.0m.
Close board panels with slotted concrete posts Close board panels supported using slotted concrete posts and resting on 300mm concrete gravel boards
Close board panels with galvanised steel posts Enduro Fence - Close board panels with galvanised steel posts and wooden gravel boards
Close board fencing with wooden posts Close board fencing supported using 150mm x 75mm wooden notched posts

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